A Pandemic Problem: Slowing Screen Time

Hi again everyone!

Today I am going to talk to you about “SST (Slowing Screen Time)”.

We have lots of time on our hands now that it is summer and we have to stay in, so most are tempted to get the old game console out and start playing our favourite game that can go on for hours.

But there are times for playing, and times to take a break.

I made up SST so that kids (and maybe adults too) can try to limit their time on electronics and do other things. So think about how much time you spent on your phone, tablet, or computer before reading this!!!

Sometimes when you have been on an electronic for a long time you can get really tired. Another thing that can happen is that you can get a headache.

Here are some other things that can happen to you and your device when you are not SST.

What will happen to you:

  • Your eyesight will get blurry
  • You can get obsessed with the device (if you don’t know what that means, click here.)
  • You will be grumpy when someone tells you to put down the phone and if you refuse, then you can be mean.

What will happen to your device:

  • It can get really hot then overheat
  • It can drain lots of battery, which will make it not really useful when you need it because it is charging

There are even more things that can happen that can affect you, the device, and even your health.

Remember to always be SST.

A boy on his phone…
Me on the laptop…


2 thoughts on “A Pandemic Problem: Slowing Screen Time”

  1. This is a reminder for me. Thank u love for this. I spent lots of time on my phone’s screen and indeed it exhausted my eyes.
    I love u Ate Mehe!


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