Dear Soldier

by Celeste, November'21 Dear Soldier, You battled, in the sun and rain, Fought until the end You tried to withstand the pain Of the loss of a friend. Dear Soldier, endless battles you fought, Gunfire through the night As you stepped of the dirty field Dust in the morning light. Dear Soldier, you and allies… Continue reading Dear Soldier


TWO Years!

Yay to TWO Years! Who would have thought that years flew by just so… It has been two years since NV started his musical journey with #TorontoArtsAcademy. Two years of weekly jamming, learning and hanging out with our co-students and the amazing front desk. NV has learned a lot and his taste in music actually… Continue reading TWO Years!


Dance Team Dilemma – – A Book Report (in a bag)

  In the story of Dance Team Dilemma, there are two girls named Hannah and Caitlin who are the best of friends. Both Hannah and Caitlin tried out for the dance squad and both get accepted to be in the team. But Caitlin thought she didn’t need to practice and that she was good enough.… Continue reading Dance Team Dilemma – – A Book Report (in a bag)