Schooled: A New Beginning

Hi everyone!

Today we are going to talk about school.

There are lots of kids going to school online during this diffucult time. Some of them are less fortunate to even have a device to do school on, so they are going in-person.

In school there are some subjects that are hard to do online, such as music and PE.

All these problems lead to one thing: COVID 19.

My school year started in the month of October, about 4 weeks when regular school started. The reason this happened is because there was no teacher I was assigned to.

I had to do asynchronous learning for 2 weeks until I got a teacher.

In school I have lots of subjects, math, writing, reading, art, music, gym, social studies, science, grammar, and so on.

In the next few weeks (or even months) I will write a few tips on writing, grammar, and math. There still are lots of things we can do, even online. If there are kids reading this that go to online school, I hope they remember to keep learning.



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