Dance Team Dilemma – – A Book Report (in a bag)


In the story of Dance Team Dilemma, there are two girls named Hannah and Caitlin who are the best of friends. Both Hannah and Caitlin tried out for the dance squad and both get accepted to be in the team.

But Caitlin thought she didn’t need to practice and that she was good enough. She always invites Hannah to hang out with her. As for Hannah, she did a lot of practicing. She tried to improve. Hannah had to decide which was more important, keeping her spot on the dance team, or keeping her best friend.

As they continued their preparation for the regionals, the dance team has to choose three (3) solo performers.

When the day of the solo tryouts came, Hannah performed and was chosen as one of the three solo performers! Caitlin also tried out but was feeling sluggish in the dancing routine because she stayed out late the night before. Caitlin was not chosen to be a solo performer. At the end, Caitlin said good luck to Hannah for the dance at regionals and they become friends again.
Tip: If you are in a dance squad and/or love dancing, you should read this book! :]




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