Celeste and Niño is proud to share their various appearances and collaborations in this page. As a part of the Epic Gen Unlocked TV Show, they have been really into creating content, honing their skills and pursuing that near perfect segment allotted to them.

Due to the current situation and what COVID19 restrictions has fallen to all of us, these two has been relentless in honing their craft while staying home and social distancing. From writing scripts, to execution and video recording, and editing, these two has been constantly excelling and leave this Mama in awe of the depth of their love for their craft.

Aside from their appearance in Epic Gen Unlocked TV Show, they are also a regular contributor to Kids News and Reviews social media channels. From singing classic songs, to sharing their ideas and supporting their peers in Kids News and Reviews, and to playing their favourite boardgame Scrabble, these two are always on the go and ever willing to share what they have to the community.

We are doubly lucky to have witness the growth of talent of these two and the humility that they have always shown to everyone.

In gratitude, may God Bless you always.

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