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Learning In Isolation: The Piano Class

Hello everyone!

Today I will talk to you about me, my piano and the class I take for it.

Some of you might be thinking “What is a piano?” or you might think “Why are we talking about pianos?” Well, I decided to talk about this because piano is a really great thing to learn and I love playing it, learning to play it and I absolutely love reading music sheets.

Here are some reasons I think piano is good for you:

1.It can help strengthen brain development. Piano has reading and math.
2.It can make your fingers flexible and a great help when learning how to type.
3.Pianos makes beautiful music and lighten your mood. Playing can either comfort you or you can express your mad feeling, by pounding the keys but be mindful you might break it. Also, creating and writing music from your current feeling in your heart is the best kind of music.
4.You learn respect. Treating your instrument with respect so it will serve you and last long.

I started playing with those little books that comes with keyboard around the time I started kindergarten. My mama heard me play Twinkle Twinkle that I learn to play all by myself with just the book with keypads and decided that maybe, I would love it more if I go to a keyboard class with City of Toronto Keyboarding class. I started going to a keyboard class when I was 5. When I showed my parents that I really like it and that I don’t mind practicing my pieces, they have asked me if I want to go to a proper music school to learn piano. They registered me at Toronto Arts Academy, and the rest is history.

My first teacher was Coach Aida and with her, I learn a lot and she taught me extra with Blue Danube. I love Blue Danube. I play it regularly and is part of my daily practice. When she left, I changed to my current teacher, Coach Alvaro, and wow! I have been with Toronto Arts Academy for three (3) years with few breaks in between. Alvaro taught me Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy outside of regular lesson books.

I have learned lots of songs from my teacher Alvaro and I have learnt lots of technique with my fingers. He has guided me to my Royal Conservatory of Music piano examinations. I am currently preparing for my Level 2 exam but with the pandemic going on, my Mama has had to request re-scheduling a number of times already. It is frustrating but I’m hopeful to take my Level 2 exam within the year.

My books 🙂

Here are some of the piano pieces that I have learnt recently, and some that I will be playing for my RCM exam:

Songs I Learned Recently:Their Composer:
Turkish BazaarMark Mrozinski
Air In D MinorHenry Purcell
Jazz InventionPierre Gallant
The Silent MoonNancy Telfer
Etude in C MajorCarl Cyerny

My teacher also inspired me to write my own piano pieces:

After all these years of piano playing, I don’t think I will stop anytime soon. I love playing. It comforts me, although sometimes, I get tired from practicing and I get a little mad but it is only sometimes. I love to play. I love to learn. And I love writing piano pieces.

That is all! I hope that you enjoy reading and feel my love for my music and also, you can ask me if you want to start learning piano for tips.



Chicken Chase, Celeste V’s original piano composition


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