How It’s Made Week: The Experience!

Hello everyone!

Once again, I am going to write about our experience for a Virtual summer camp from Nepris / Sphero and this one was called How It’s Made Week on the week of July 20, 2020.

The virtual summer camp was for 4 days, and every day we have specific topics, which I listed below:

Engineer drawing up a plan.
  1. Robotics
  2. Who Built My School?
  3. Making A Hammer
  4. 3D Printing

Topic:Things We Learned:
RoboticsWe learned about the different types of robots and how they are able to move and do things.
Who Built My School?We learned about the special and very skilled people in our lives that built our school.
Making A HammerWe learned about how to make a hammer and how it works.
3D PrintingWe learned about 3D printing and how it is useful.
The things we learned in summer camp!

On Monday (Robotics), we learned about robots and the different parts that can make it humanlike. Robots can have eyes, (a webcam) ears, (a microphone) a mouth, (a speaker) and hands (a sensor). These are parts of our bodies and the same can be on a robot.

A kid playing with robots.

On Tuesday (Who Built My School?), we learned about who built our school and how it was made. Here are some people who built my school and their purposes:

Who Built My School:Their Purpose:
EngineersThey made the building plan for the below workers and made sure that they followed the processes in building safety.
Construction WorkersThey built the shape of the school
ElectriciansThey installed the power needed to have lights, air conditioners, heaters and others;
PaintersThey painted the school.
Other peopleneeded to build safely and on time.
Some people who built my school…

On Wednesday (Making A Hammer), we learned how you can make a hammer and how the technique (called manufacturing) that you use to make it can be used to make different types of things. You can make things like a trophy and almost all things are made with the technique used in making a hammer. In manufacturing, sometimes they uses molds, like what they showed us when they made the hammer.

On Thursday (3D Printing), we learned about how 3D printing can change the world of building. 3D printing is like a hot glue gun squirting layers of material over and over again into a shape. Even though it is fun to get a toy for free with a 3D printer, it can take a long time for it to be made and 3D printers cost a lot of money. A 3D printed needs a special kind of plastic strings to make into something. You can create your design on your laptop or PC and then send to 3D printer for printing.

First day of STEM Virtual Summer Camp

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